Liz Berg

I have personally had years of musical training, was raised by a music teacher and am sister to a music teacher. My 4 kids have had over the years more than 10 different instructors between them. I have been to dozens of music recitals. Liz’s students recital absolutely blew me away. The best I’ve ever attended, if any age group. Rather than stifling yawns waiting for kids of other parents to hurry up so we could go home, I thoroughly enjoyed every single song. 90 minutes flew by. Just do it! The results speak for themselves.”
Rachel Olson Lei–Riverside, IL

“You really realize what tremendous teachers they have at the Liz Berg School of Music when you see the kids performing in public as well as at their annual music recital. You can see that they are learning to be true artists who take pride in their work thanks to Liz and her staff. In a world of over scheduled kids, my son has made it very clear that his lessons at the Liz Berg School of Music are the one thing that he will NOT give up.
Amy Jacksic–Riverside, IL

One thing I love about Liz is there is never a limit to what our kids can achieve. She is constantly encouraging them to stretch their musical wings, try new instruments, try singing, perform. She makes it easy and enjoyable by teaching them the music they enjoy listening to. She has taught our two children to play four instruments and has provided them with many opportunities for growth individually and as performers.
Cristin Evans–Riverside, IL

”My 8 year old daughter has a song in her soul but sometimes she gets carried away with her musical creations. Ms. Bree gracefully provides guidance to redirect a wandering musician. She inspires her students of all ages to be creative and to explore their musical instincts.”
Amy Mooney–Riverside, IL

“My son looks forward to his weekly sessions with Bree. She’s great with kids and takes his interests into account when she chooses music for him to learn. He’s already made a lot of progress in a few short months.”
Amy Hill–Riverside, IL
“I think it’s so cool that students are doing my songs at your recitals. My advice to them is to have fun while they are performing. If they are having a good time, the songs will come across.”

Taylor Swift (pictured with Liz Berg–Nashville, TN in 2010)

Liz Berg started going to homes to teach music lessons in 2005 and has had tremendous results. Her students have gotten the lead roles in pre-teen and teen productions of The Wiz, Oliver, The King and I and Annie in addition to many other musicals. At the Liz Berg School of Music, the teachers find ways to emphasize technique and fundamentals while catering the curriculum to each individual student. Berg has expanded her music school recently by hiring Bree Gordon and Laura Lopardo to join her staff. They are 2 of the best vocalists in all of Chicago and work extremely well with children. Instruction is currently offered on bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, piano, ukelele and voice.

For voice students interested in contemporary pop, some of the artists we teach are: Adele, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez.