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Happy Spring! In addition to teaching and gigging, Liz Berg is hard at work writing new tunes for TV & Film.

Liz Berg is no longer accepting new music students.

Liz Berg has recently been performing with the amazing Stephan Kohnke from the popular local bands Dot Dot Dot and Hello Nuvo. Check out Liz Berg's recent duo video sampler with Stephan:

Have you gotten the acoustic EP yet? Buy the songs or the whole EP right here:

Watch the brand new lyric video for, “The Inequity,” here:

Watch the brand new lyric video for, “If I Asked,” here:

Watch the brand new lyric video for, “Everything but Me,” here:

Watch the new lyric video for the brand new single, “Wonderful Day,” here:

Revisit Liz Berg’s blistering anthem, “God Says,” through the new lyric video.<


Ken Caillat, Producer of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours: “Very talented.”

Rick Nielsen, Cheap Trick: “Beautiful playing.”

Nash Kato, Urge Overkill: “Amazing voice.”

Jim Peterik, Survivor: “Terrific voice. ‘Almost Anything’ is a fantastic song.”

Brian Zieske, Producer of Academy Is and Hush Sound: “Liz Berg is not afraid to be aggressive. When you hear the softer side, it grounds her, and adds to the conviction of her music–great sonics and dynamical breakdowns.”

Ted Alliota, Alliota Haynes Jeremiah: “Incredible original songs.” “What isn’t hard to pick up on is the sheer talent that Berg possesses. Berg plays all of the guitars on her album, sings all of the vocals, and even lends her bass skills to ‘I Will Not Apologize, and her drumming talents to ‘DIY’. Not to mention Berg also solely wrote every single word on Coattails. Now, if that isn’t female empowerment right there, I don’t know what is. Speaking of the album’s closing track, ‘DIY,’ I could sit here and write some of Berg’s inspiring lyrics, but that is a journey you should be taking yourself. If you have an issue or a problem you are currently trying to work through, let Berg and ‘DIY,’ help you. As a matter of fact, almost every song on Coattails can help out in some fashion. Berg has a nice flare for being able to pen relatable songs, and lyrics in which the everyday listener can apply to their own life. That is something that sets her apart from a lot of other female musicians. This is not simple female musician Lilith Fair-type fodder. Coattails is a powerful journey through heartbreak, loss, religion, love, fame and everything in-between.”

WXRT (93.1) Chicago: “Full of knockout tunes.”

The Chicago Sun-Times: “God Says,” ranks beside other great musings on the Almighty such as Cursive’s ‘Happy Hollow’ and XTC’s “Dear God.”

The Illinois Entertainer: “Berg makes do with her own brand of ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ rock. ‘Silent’ stands out as a Celtic-enhanced ditty.”

Smother Magazine: “Rebellious lyrics evoke a liberal mindset and this singer/songwriter isn’t holding anything back. Tackling such hot topics as religion, politics, racism, and drugs, Liz Berg doesn’t stray from anything controversial. Her music is straight-forward pop-rock with steady rhythms and catchy choruses. Liz boasts a strong singing voice and her powerful sophomore record is one that will get her name out in the industry.”